What I Did: Fez Avatar

I joined MacThemes Forums today and made myself an avatar: a fez! The fez is incorrectly regarded as an occult symbol by some in North America but in Turkey it’s worn by every upstanding businessman, and in some parts of the world it’s standard military head dress.


6 Responses to What I Did: Fez Avatar

  1. macanatomy says:

    Nice to see that you are still “alive” and kicking *ss!
    I really, really, really, enjoy your works.
    I don’t want to be a minion, but I have to confess to you that you are always been an inspiration for iconists (Sensei! 😀 ).

    P.s.: please forgot my english!

  2. ggehiere says:

    Thank you!! I’ve taken more than one hiatus in my career, but hopefully I’m back for good 🙂

  3. macanatomy says:

    What’s going to happen on 16th?
    Sooo curious!!! 🙂

  4. ggehiere says:

    Perhaps I my temporary page isn’t clear – nothing is happening on the 16th, I’m just out of bandwidth on my Mac.Com account. I have less than 1GB left. 😦

  5. macanatomy says:

    I probably misunderstood your page: I was hoping in a new site or a moving in this wordpress space.
    It’s a shame for the poor bandwitdh, but I know it’s really hard to keep a site just based on free stuff like icons without ads or porn 😀

    Thanks for the answers!

  6. matic1 says:

    Thats cool! you should post more often im a member there to 🙂


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