What I Did: Pzizz Replacement Icon

I love my pzizz. I love it’s simple, dead easy interface. I love looking down at my iPod before I close my eyes and seeing the blue or orange album art which reassures me of the kind of nap I’m about to enjoy. And I even love it’s ultra-minimal application icon.

There is not an ounce of criticism or “I can do better” in what I’ve done. In fact it’s pure respect for a great product with a honorable purpose that has inspired me to make a pzziz replacement icon. Thanks pzizz, for reminding how great a nap can be.

The pzizz replacement icon is not currently available at PixelPressIcons.com, only from this blog. Cheers!

Download (Macintosh): PP-Pzizz.dmg


3 Responses to What I Did: Pzizz Replacement Icon

  1. matic1 says:

    thanks for this!

  2. ndc says:

    While it’s been a while since you made these available, I want to thank you as well. I just found PixelPressIcons. I’m just tickled pink (do people still use that expression) to view your work. The freebies will remain on my desktop – I love my Pzizz!

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