What I Did: Doane Paper Icon

February 17, 2007

This icon depicts a pad of “Doane Paper” – which is a combination of graph and lined paper that is so elegantly functional it’s brilliant.

I won’t gush – you can get more information, buy pre-printed pads or print your own by visiting http://www.doanepaper.com/.

Doane Paper is Copyright ©2007 Doane Paper.

Download (Macintosh): PP-DoanePaperPad.dmg
Download (Windows XP): PP-DoanePaperPadWinXP.zip


What I Did: MenuShade Replacement Icon

December 18, 2006

In this blog I’ve written about the uncluttered desktop philosphy I use before. The application I use to hide the menu bar is called, plainly enough, “MenuShade“.

There are two problems that I have with MenuShade:
1) It’s always in the dock when it’s running.
2) The icon looks strange next to my other dock icons.

So I threw together a replacement icon using some artwork that I had done for a client but was ultimately rejected. While my icon does not really express the “shade” metaphor in quite the same way as the original I think it looks nice in the dock.

Download (Macintosh): PP-MenuShade.dmg

Copyright © 2006 Gary W. Gehiere. All rights reserved. Please do not redistribute or hot link to the icons and files here.

What I Did: Pzizz Replacement Icon

November 25, 2006

I love my pzizz. I love it’s simple, dead easy interface. I love looking down at my iPod before I close my eyes and seeing the blue or orange album art which reassures me of the kind of nap I’m about to enjoy. And I even love it’s ultra-minimal application icon.

There is not an ounce of criticism or “I can do better” in what I’ve done. In fact it’s pure respect for a great product with a honorable purpose that has inspired me to make a pzziz replacement icon. Thanks pzizz, for reminding how great a nap can be.

The pzizz replacement icon is not currently available at PixelPressIcons.com, only from this blog. Cheers!

Download (Macintosh): PP-Pzizz.dmg

Superstition Icons

November 18, 2006

My newest set of icons is available today. “Superstition” contains 7 illustrations depicting themes of luck, chance and foreboding.

Download (Macintosh Only): PP-Superstition.dmg

Remembrance Day Icons

November 8, 2006

Remembrance DayRemembrance Day

Until November 11th you can download a special icon set I’ve created to honour the sacrifices made for our freedom.

Please visit Veterans Affairs Canada to learn more about Remembrance Day.

Download (Macintosh): PP-RemembranceDay.dmg
Download (Windows): PP-RemembranceDay.zip

Hipster PDA Icons

November 8, 2006

Hipster PDA

There are two new icons avilable today, the “Hipster PDA” icon and a “Mind Maps” icon. The “Hipster PDA” is simply a stack of index cards held together with a binder or paper clip. It began as a tongue-in-cheek comment on the out of control complexity of personal digital assistants but has reached an incredible level of popularity and represents a “simple is better” zen attitude. Merlin Mann of the productivity website 43folders.com is largely credited with the creation of the “Hipster PDA”.

Download (Macintosh Only): PP-HipsterPDA.dmg